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Monogram of Rotary Club
Monogram of Interact Club
Monogram of Rotaract Club
Monogram of Interact Club of Khulna

Genuine Monogram of Interact Club of Khulna

Orginal Monogram of Interact Club of khulna

About Monogram

The monogram is designed by Ex-Itr. Shahadat Hossain Khan Razon, President (1998-1999), Interact Club of Khulna in his presidential year 1998. This monogram is proposed by Ex-Itr. Nurunnahar Amily, President (1999-2000), Interact Club of Khulna in general meeting. The proposal is going to board for evaluation and board pass this monogram. The monogram finally verify by the ICC of that time Rtn. Taher-Ul-Islam Chenab of Rotary Club of Khulna & his committee member. After that time all the member of that time in a general meeting pass as the monogram design for all kind of official use as club monogram.

The secretary of Interact Club of Khulna will intellect this monogram. He will store this monogram as a club asset of Interact Club of Khulna. This monogram is not for public use. The monogram will use and own that person who is powered for use the main monogram of Interact Club and in addition he/she must the member or Ex-Member of Interact Club of Khulna.

Specification of Monogram

The emblem of Interact logo is a round emblem with a capital "I" superimposed over four circle which is colored by Sky Blue in the center circular space. These elements are designed in accordance with the proportions of main monogram which provided by Rotary International. With the "I" standing vertically, the word "INTERACT" is centered directly above and in contained with the exterior ring. The word "CLUB" is centered directly beneath the "I" and is contained within the exterior ring. This lettering is raised from depressed space. The outside edge is perfectly round, raised wall to contain all the elements. On the top of the main logo there is a head of "Deer" (symbol peace and friendship) & at the bottom in a special shape the Word "INTERACT CLUB OF KHULNA" with the font style "Bauhaus Lt BT" & Bold letter. Special shape consist the light green background & deep golden color two sided (Top & Bottom) border. Deer head can be natural color with golder thin border.